News: Battlefield 3 more technical than CoD MW3?

Battlefield 3 more technical than CoD MW3?

As the users and potential BF3 buyers enjoyed the astounding effects of the next Battlefield installment, one of Infiniti Ward's creative strategist Robert Bowling tweeted that building a new game engine for CoD Modern Warfare 3 would be "counter productive."

I bet it would!

I used to love those mindless battles of CoD2 and WaW. Somehow, I skipped the "original" Modern Warfare and never got aboard of MW2 and Black Ops trains (I played single player on consoles - meh). The fact that graphics were barely better than WaW and the games felt more like ports rather than originals did not help. Yet the games kept setting all kinds of sales records. So from the business perspective, it definitely makes no sense to rebuild the game engine. CoD is becoming the BMW of video games. As one of my favorite TV show's hosts once said - "you can stick a BMW badge on a dead cat - and people would still buy it."

via Cinemablend

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